Are you busy?? This workout is 5 days p/week, 30 minutes!

It’s HERE!!!!!!!! Insanity MAX IS HERE! 30 minutes per day, 5 days per week! I don’t know about you..but this sounds great for this busy mama!!!
insanity Max 30 weekends

What’s even better?? there is a modifier for EVERY MOVE… and you can actually see them the whole time! So don’t stress if you don’t think you can do all the jumps or whatever..just modify…
insanity max modifier1

You will STILL GET THE RESULTS! Check out this picture below…on the lower left..she has only used the modifier!
insanity max 30 30 day results

It’s YOU vs YOU! You go hard until you can’t go anymore…then you start again and try to beat your time the next day!
We will have Isanity Max TEST GROUPS going Every Monday in December and then January 5th will be our first group of the New Year! This is a great gift to yourself or others! PLUS.. its on SALE!
woot…check out this video to see some of the workout and hear more !!!

Are YOU ready to MAX OUT??? Fill out this form and let’s do this!

To Order your challenge Pack and Start ASAP…CLICK HERE

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