My Ultimate Reset Journey- Day 1

Hi All!!

I am going to do my best to document my Ultimate Reset journey this time. If you are unfamiliar with the Reset or want to know more about the supplements etc Please CLICK HERE.   This will be my 3rd time doing this.  It’s always  a struggle in the beginning but by the end I am so thankful that I did it! Everyone asks about the food…the food is great!! Its all healthy, beautiful, clean food…there is a lot of prep work! so its best if you prep as much as you can ahead! So Let the Prep Begin!!!!!  ***disclaimer*** i am not a professional food photographer OR chef! so please understand that I am a busy mom and I have an iphone…so the food might not be strategically placed and looking as beautiful as it should!!:)

Toasted pumpkin seeds for my salads and making the homemade ginger salad dressing 

prep salad dressing

I was an over achiever this year and prepped both of those the day before i actually started!! yeah me!!!:) here is an important TIP if you are doing to the ULTIMATE RESET…. PREP AHEAD!!!!!!!!!!!! Anything you can do ahead of time…DO!!!!!!!!! 🙂

Day 1 Breakfast: 2 eggs, whole wheat toast and steamed kale/spinach.. yummmm

During the reset, you are suppose to take your supplements 30 minutes before you eat with a big glass of water…then WHEN you eat…no drinking! and actually chew your food!:)  lots of little things to remember but its really not bad! all great habits!

day 1 breakfastLunch was a nice microgreen salad! It was delicious…LOVEEEEE that salad dressing!

day 1 lunch

and supper… or for some of you “dinner” was the black bean and rice veggie tacos!  Now..according to the nutrition guide it should have been baked salmon, which we LOVE and i have in the fridge… because it is literally 100 degrees outside decided it was best NOT to turn on the oven…so I am switching it up!..and thats ok!!!:)  We LOVE these tacos…we have them a lot!

days 1&2 supperDown to the nitty gritty….how was I feel today…well i drank my galloon of water and felt pretty good today…i was a little tired and actually had a few people ( including my husband) ask me if i was ok? that i seemed off? so not a lot of energy. I know this is normal…so on to Day 2!!!

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