Day 3

Woke up today not hungry and feeling pretty good!! I am laughing because my breakfast was DELICIOUS but it looks awful! haha is oatmel with flax and apples, and greek yogurt sweetened with 1 tsp maple syrup….I mixed it allllll together and it was GREAT!:) I debated showing this picture…. please refer back to Day 1’s disclaimer!:)

oatmeal with yogurt adn applesI decided to do the same lunch as yesterday because I made a lot of the soup!! TIP…if you know you are going to like the recipe…make extra! then you can do leftovers and it makes it easier!!

So a lovely microgreen salad with peppers, pepitas and ginger dressing with a side of zuchinni/cashew soup! I had my soup cold but you can heat if you prefer.

day 2 lunch

I felt hungry today so decided to go for one of the Reset approved snacks!!  Hard boiled egg with 6 whole wheat crackers… heart courtesy of my 7 year old!!:) I hardboil a lot of eggs at the same time and she draws pictures on them so we know which they are:)

You are not suppose to feel hungry on the really listen to your body and if you need a snack…have one!!:)

snack day 3

Had all intentions of grilling the salmon for supper…except it was still 100 degrees outside and i have been SOOOOOOOO tired!! So I was a boring little resetter and i had the veggie black bean tacos AGAIN! ( last day i promise!)

days 1&2 supperSo how was I feeling today???  Tired again…in fact, I took a NAP! and it was AMAZINGLY FANTASTIC!:)  ahhhh love naps! It helped too because the night before I was in bed by 7!:)  I had some lower back aches and has some nice acne show up on my face!  I know by next week it will go away!  I can’t seem to focus on anything today… very distracted.  Trying to really listen to my body, take it easy and relax..I know it is all part of the process….


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