Day 2

Day 2: Let’s talk food…because I know thats what you want to hear most about!!!:)  I LOVE LOVE LOVE my coffee..however, NO COFFEE allowed on the reset… so i cut it out a week before and I am so glad that i did!! I know many who Days 2&3 are awful because of caffeine withdrawal…so there is your TIP for today...cut out caffeine BEFORE you start the Ultimate Reset!:)

Breakfast was coconut quinoa! It’s a vegan option and it just sounded good to me! it was DELICIOUS! although i could have eaten about 3 more bowls!;)

day 2 breakfast

Lunch was a microgreen salad and zuchinni/cashew soup! i LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE this soup! You can have it hot or cold and since it was 150000 degrees outside today i had it cold!:)  This is another favorite that we eat year round now!

day 2 lunch

and Supper ( YES, I saw Supper:) Im originally from Nebraska!!:)  We had black beans and Rice Veggie tacos again!!:) It makes it easier to have was still too hot to turn on the oven! The nutrition guide has suggestions for every meal..but you are allowed to swap out a breakfast for another breakfast during that same phase ( week). Did that make sense?

days 1&2 supper

Day 2 was a bit tougher for me..again, I was so tired and really dragging! Just really had no energy. My lower back was achy as well. I know this is all normal 🙂  I ended up reading and getting my youngest to bed around 7:15 and fell asleep with her………………..and woke up at 4 AM! opps! Yep..I was Tired!!!:)

Stay tuned for Day 3!!!:)

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