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Can you help me out?? I promise it will help you too!!!

I am looking for 5 people to help me out..and I promise you will benefit as well!:)

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You want something? you gotta WORK FOR IT!

If you REALLY want something..you have to WORK FOR IT! It’s not always easy for me to get up at 4:30 and get my workout in..sometimes I am tired, the majority of the time I have my 4 year old with me!! Yes..she usually likes to do it with me..but some mornings not so much!!:) […]

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P90x3..4 weeks in…what to know some results so far?

Let’s talk results shall we? My First TEST GROUP is now done with week 4 and I collected some info!!! Pretty darn amazing! These are GREAT workouts! I love that they are only 30 minutes but intense! It works people!!! Ill be back in a few week with MORE results! Want to join my next P90X3 […]

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