21 Day Fix week 1

Hi Everyone! I wanted to do a blog about how the 21 Day Fix is going for me! I am 1 week down now and I am 5 pounds lighter!:) HELLO!:)  but what is really AMAZING about this is that I am eating!! I am not hungry..I am eating a lot of the foods that i usually do BUT i am learning about portion control!!! You can eat too much healthy food!

What I really love about this program is that you can make what you want! There are different colored containers which represent different food groups..ie red=protein. In the book there is a formula to help you figure out your caloric need for the day ( i don’t do math..its easy;) , then you can see how many yellow, red, blue , purple etc containers you get for the day and YOU can plan your menu! So I am still having my morning chocolate shakeology with peanut butter in it!:)

I took some pics of the food I have been eating..now PLEASE keep in mind..I am NOT a professional!!! I know the lighting isnt great and I didnt arrange the food perfectly on my plate! I am a busy mom so this is what you get!:)

Day 1.. This is everything I took with me for the day as i was off to work!! 2 snacks: 1 apple + almonds & 2 hard boiled eggs, and lunch: spinach/kale salad with grilled chicken, quinoa and salad dressing!

day 1 on the go


day 1For Supper I had steamed broccoli, tilapia and lentils! I had never made lentils before but they were super easy! added some fresh basil and lemon juice and it was delicious!

Day 2: Breakfast:  oatmeal with fresh berries, a few hours later I had my shakeology!:) you eat 5 x per day!

day 2 meal 1Lunches: Most days for lunches I would make a spinach/kale salad with chicken or salmon. I also had some fresh cantelope!

day 2 saladUnfortunately, I forgot to take pics of every meal! For suppers I typically have quinoa, a protein (chicken, salmon, tempeh) and a vegetable! Last night was spaghetti squash with ground turkey! YUM!

I will do better about taking pictures of my meals to share with you!! My point is…its REAL Food!  This plan is AMAZING because it teaches Portion Control!

I will have new groups starting up in a few weeks!! WANT IN??  Click here!



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