Progress NOT Perfection !!!

No one is perfect! I work hard to see #progress and that’s what we all need to do.. Do more than yesterday!! Yesterday I noticed that my jeans were a little baggy.. SWEET!!! Are they size 2 jeans??? Oh no haha and that’s ok!! I’m not going to be a size 2 but I am going to be healthy and the best version of me that I can!!

Perfection is for magazines..and its AIRBRUSHED! As a mom, woman, wife, we need to unite and realize that these reality shows and the magazines are not REALITY! Typically one doesn’t fly to Paris for a date with the Bachelor!!:) and amazingly all these beautiful women in the magazines don’t have a wrinkle? have flawless amazing skin? and their hair is amazingly shiny and perfectly styled!:)  Yes..maybe some..but the majority are AIRBRUSHED!

We  need to ban together..teach each other and our children to LOVE yourself! Be the BEST version of YOU that you can be and LOVE it!!!:)

If you agree…comment below!!:)

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